The R4i xZone is ideal for tracking assets, equipment, document, files, and people in interior environments passing through doorways, hallways or corridors.


The R4i xZone can be connected to any existing equipment through the use of a RSS feed, allowing the changing the use as your requirements change.


Thanks to technology developed with MyConnect, the xZone reduce the reading of ambient tags in environments where stray tags are in close proximity to the portal, thus significantly reduce and eliminate unwanted reads.

Compact Lightweight Low Cost Solution

The R4i xZone offers compact, light-weight, and low-profile construction. The smart design results in total low cost easy to install solution further simplifying the overall logistics, operations and minimizing the total costs of delivery and deployment.

Key RFID Portal Features

- Unobtrusive esthetic design
- Ultra slim profile & unique small footprint
- Customizable printing design options
- Low costs & lightweight Solution
- Integrated new generation antennas

Main RFID Portal Applications

- RFID reading zones in entrances, gates, doors and corridors
- Interior / indoor access control, asset tracking or retail applications

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