The R4I xEAS is an ideal solution for the electronic surveillance of articles tagged with RFID

Thin Profile and Small Foot Print

The R4i xEAS provides ultra slim profile and small stand footprint saving space features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for office, library, retail, IT & data centers, hospital and other interior environments. The R4i xEAS offers ultimately thin profile and small size footprint. It consists only of an xArray and a minipc.

Easy installation and configuration

xEAS can grants a very quick installation, you only need a energy cable on the ceiling. Once installed you can configure it by smartphone/tablet/PC


xEAS can operate only on a set of a specific tags, definitely eliminate unwanted tags readings. It has also a proprietary alghorithm that can filter exposed tags.


xEAS use latest wireless technology (like bluetooth 4.0 or Wireless network generation) to ensure maximum efficiency, emission reduction, link stability. It can be used with bluetooth speakers or earphones (for privacy).

Market Segments

xEAS can be used extensively in the following market segments:
- Retail and Commercial Outlets Applications
- Offices & Commercial Buildings
- Hospitals & HealthCare
- Telecommunications, Data Centers
- Assets and IT Equipment Tracking
- Fashion, Apparel & Textile Outlets
- Libraries, Galleries & Museums
- Banks & Financial Institutions
- Government Institutions and Organizations
- Hotels and Hospitality Solutions
- Events, Exhibitions & Trade Show Management
- Universities & Education Institutions


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