The R4i MyConnect is a complete, fast and easy way to integrate RFID technology intelligently everywhere.

What is MyConnect?

MyConnect is a software product designed to reside directly on board a reader Impinj ( R220 or R420 ). Allows read only tags you need . It work collecting all tags in a unit of time ( freely configurable by the user ) , and then , by means of mathematical and statistical algorithms, outputs on TCP socket or RS232 port the epc tag desire, filtering out spurious readings and ordering tags according to the goodness of reading. Therefore allows to specify a threshold below which the readings made not to be valid , and the maximum number of tags to return output .


MyConnect is primarily made for enterprise users , but its ease of use makes it a suitable choice for anyone concerned with additions. Full deployment of MyConnect is granted under license ( one-time ) for single player . Without this license you can still use the MyConnect for testing purposes using the web interface , but you can not get the results on the output lines ( RS232 or TCP ) .


MyConnect is simple and quick to install , configure and maintain . Through a comfortable and intuitive web interface you can easily set a few parameters required for the proper functioning of the program . A special section of the test , inside the interface , allows you to test the operation of MyConnect with the set parameters , and to export the results in PDF format . MyConnect is made to be used directly on the two products Impinj reader : the R220 and R420 . The extreme easy installation, no need for additional hardware and the rapid adaptability , allowing immediate use not only in solutions in development , but also in existing ones . By using MyConnect you can:
- Drastically reduce the time to market of integrated solutions
- Obtain a robust and durable solution
- Reduce production costs


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